Selected Past Performances

New London Singers dir. Oliver John Ruthven

2019 November 3rd
Charpentier Te Deum
Rameau Hippolyte et Aricie Suite
Mondonville De profundis clamavi
Rebel Les Caracteres de la Danse
Francois Couperin In Note Placida
nov 3 poster
Louis XIV was of course well-known for his love of dancing and the famous portrait of him by Hyacinthe Rigaud in 1701 shows a splendid pair of unnaturally young and elegant legs for a 63 year old, ending in a pair of funky orange-heeled dancing shoes. Dance music is a central part of French baroque style and the suite from Rameau's first opera, Hippolyte et Aricie, of 1733, is full of imaginatively realised dance movements. This was a revolutionary work at odds with the stiff, formality of Lully's operas.

Jean-Fery Rebel, who studied under Lully, was a composer at the Court of Louis XIV and a member of his renowned "Vingt-quatre violons du roi." He wrote some rather audacious music and the piece we play, Les caractères de la danse, is certainly full of interesting rhythms and harmonies but its raison d'être is to catalogue the main dance forms prevalent in France in the first half of the 18th century ending with a more modern Italianate passage. It was performed in London in 1725 under the direction of a certain George Frederic Handel.

Francois Couperin became court harpsichordist to King Louis XIV. In much of his music he sought to amalgamate the best of the Italian style - lively, rhythmic with bright harmonies - with the French - more spacious, rhetorical, rhythmically flexible and richly harmonic style.

Marc-Antoine Charpentier wrote a great deal of religious music and also much for the stage in 17th century Paris, though not public opera which was held under a monopoly by Lully but mostly incidental music for plays or small-scale peas for private performance. The opening of his Te Deum is, of course, famous as the signature tune of the European Broadcasting Union and we play this in homage to our European friends at this difficult time.

Louis XV unfortunately succeeded Louis XIV at the age of 5, becoming King, proper, at the advanced age of 13. His reign oversaw the Enlightenment - perhaps French culture's finest period - but also was almost continual warfare and economic failure and not too long after Louis died came the French Revolution. He was however well-loved as a man and in turn loved many women including of course Madam de Pompadour. She was a great patron of the arts and made sure music was performed regularly at Versaille to please the king, much of it by Rameau. She also helped out Jean-Joseph Mondonville, a violinist in Le Concert Spirituel and composer, who rose to become the Master of the Music of the (Royal) Chapel and eventually director of Le Concert Spirituel. He composed popular operas, oratorios (a new form imported from England) and grands motets.

Exultate! Mozart, Haydn, JC Bach with Ashley Solomon

2019 July 7th , A concert of early classical music directed by the wonderful flautist and director of Florilegium, Professor Ashley Solomon
Richard Austen performed the sublime Mozart Andante for Flute and Strings K315
We were joined by the charismatic soprano, Angela Henckel for the glorious Exsultate Jubilate and from his C Minor Mass, Laudamus Te and Et Incarnatus
Two symphonies complete our programme: the 'galant' style Symphony No 6 in G minor by JC Bach, the 'London Bach' and Haydn's sparkling Symphony 62 in D, Hob 1/62.
A very enthusiastic and large audience enjoyed the evening vociferously!
Ashley Concert Poster

Incidentally, the image on the poster is a portrait of the soprano Aloysia Weber, Mozart's sister in law, who took singing lessons with the young composer and with whom he was briefly infatuated and expressed a wish to marry, before choosing the older sister some time later. Mozart wrote some parts specially for her and she performed other established roles in some of Mozart's operas.

In Remembrance: Handel Utrecht Te Deum & Jubilate

2018 Nov 11th, St Stephen's , Hampstead, New London Singers, Director Julian Perkins
Our contribution to the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. A bumper audience enjoyed this uplifting work which Handel wrote to celebrate the signing of the Utrecht Treaty to bring about peace at the end of the Spanish War of Succession in 1713. It is a thrilling piece, with celebratory trumpets.
We were delighted to be joined by the excellent New London Singers who performed, a cappella, a moving contemporary composition by the Canadian composer, Eleanor Daley, 'In Remembrance', from her Requiem.
We played together Vivaldi's Kyrie for double choirs and orchestras and Zelenka's sumptuous and joyful 'Da Pacem Domine'.
There were 2 orchestral pieces, Vivaldi's spooky Sinfonia ''Al Santo Sepolcro' and one of Fasch's splendid and characterful concertos for wind and strings , this one in D Minor.

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Bach Cantatas and more...

2018 July 22nd, St Stephen's Hampstead Director and solo flute Ashley Solomon,
Soloists Rosemary Galton, soprano, Harriet Kirk, Alto, Paul Bentley , tenor Jon Stainsby, bass
Bach Cantatas 123 'Liebster Immanuel'
and 151 'Süsser Trost, mein Jesu kommt'
Telemann Fantasies for solo flute and solo violin
Telemann Ouverture TWV 55e3 for 2 flutes, 2 oboes and bassoon and strings
Johann Bernhard Bach Ouverture no 4 D maj
A large audience enjoyed this beautiful concert directed by the charismatic flautist, Ashley Solomon.
2018 Ashley Bach & Telemann

Concert for Gloria e Marco

2018 June 13th. Music from Italy and England to mark the launch of the Gloria e Marco Award celebrating the lives of two young architects from Italy who perished in the Grenfell Tower tragedy.
Here is an article from BD Online describing this intensely moving event.
Stradella Suite for Trumpet and strings, Monteverdi Beatus Vir, Vivaldi Gloria, Purcell Dido's Lament, Chacony, Pavan for 3 violins, Hear My Prayer
All Saints Fulham SW6 3LA , June 13th
With Vox Cordis Choir
Soloists Kate Ashby & Eleanor Minney
Oliver John Ruthven

Gloria e Marco

The Madness of Love

2018 May 13th St Stephen's Hampstead NW3 2PP Director Theresa Caudle Soprano Philippa Hyde
Delightful programme of music from the London stage of the late 1600s and early 1700s after the theatres reopened following the accession of King Charles ll. Linden, under the direction of Theresa Caudle, played instrumental music and the acclaimed soprano Philippa Hyde joined them in songs from works by Purcell (the Fairy Queen and Abdelazar), John Eccles (The Tempest, Don Quixote, The Mad Lover and The Judgement of Paris) and John Weldon (also The Judgement of Paris - a competition piece of the period with a libretto by William Congreve
Madness of Love screenshot

Music of the French Baroque

2017 October 29th St Stephen's, Hampstead NW3 2PP Director Peter Fender (we were very grateful for Peter stepping in to replace Steven Devine who unavoidably had to withdraw ) Lully: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme – Overture & Suite Charpentier:   David et Jonathas Suite Prelude to Te Deum Marche de Triomphe et 2me Air des Trompettes Andre Danican Philidor / G Dumanoir: Suite de Ballet Rameau: Five Suites d'Orchestre from Les Indes Galantes Blavet: Sonata for 2 flutes from Op 1 A concert of varied dances, grand overtures and wonderfully varied colours from a century of fine music. Peter directed the Lully in true historic style with a big stick beating the time. Fortunately he survived, unlike Lully who died through this dangerous activity from gangrene after hitting hit foot instead of the floor.

Orpheus, the early symphony and a flute concerto (30/7/17)

2017 July 30th, St Stephen's Hampstead, director Ashley Solomon. A lovely summer concert, the programme comprised the delightful Quantz Flute Concerto D maj. No 182 QV6:41, played with great style and virtuosity by Ashley Solomon, Arne's vigorous Symphony No 4 C min. Haydn's sparkling Symphony No 7 'Le Midi' , WF Bach Sinfonia in D min., Gluck 'Che Faro', sung with intense feeling by Deborah Miles-Johnson, proceeded by the Dances of the Blessed Spirits and The Furies from 'Orfeo ed Euridice' .
2017 July Ashley Solomon

Bach St Matthew Passion (1/4/17)

2017 April 1st St Paul's Church, Covent Garden. Directed by Peter Fender with soloists John Upperton, Jon Standby, Helen Semple, Carris Jones, Ben Vonberg-Clark, Oskar McCarthy, Six Centuries Chamber Choir, Seven Centuries Chamber Choir, Childrens' Choir of St John the Divine, Kennington.
A sell-out audience enjoyed this moving performance which was commissioned by Stephen Cooper in memory of his wife, Esther.
st matthew low res


Bach & Telemann Cantatas & Viol da Gamba Suite (5/3/17)

2017 March 5th Sunday, St Stephen's Hampstead NW3 2PP Directed by Ibrahim Aziz. A gorgeous programme including Bach Cantata 198 'Lass Fürstin', Sinfonia from Cantata 42, Telemann Lutheran Cantata 'Herr, wir liegen fur dir' TVWV 1:781, Suite for Viol da Gamba & strings TVWV: 55:D6 (soloist Ibrahim Aziz). A great lineup of singers included Rosemary Galton, Stefan Kennedy Harriet Kirk, Adrian Horsewood
A programme of sublime and intimate music with some virtuosic gamba playing from Ibi Aziz.

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Handel Messiah (22/12/16)

2106 December 22nd St James's Church, Piccadilly Directed by Peter Fender with Centuries Chamber Choir and excellent soloists Helen Semple (sop), Carris Jones (contralto), John Upperton (tenor) and Jon Stainsby (bass). A near full house enjoyed a fine Christmas-time rendition of this great favourite.
handel angel

Handel Dixit Dominus and Mozart in Brighton (19/11/16)

2106 Nov 19th St Paul's Church, Brighton. Conductor Jane Money, Brighton Chamber Choir and soloists Louissa Osorio-Denney, Rachel Farago, Holly-Marie Bingham, Anthony Hawgood, Darren Jones. Our strings led by Susie Carpenter-Jacobs played Handel's thrilling Dixit and Mozart's fabulous Missa Brevis in D and his sublime Ave Verum Corpus.
We would like to thank you all for a terrific performance on Saturday!  I was delighted with the way it all came together and the feedback has been tremendous. I wish you all well for your performances leading up to Christmas and very much hope we will be able to work with you again in the not too distant future. With warmest good wishes from us all! Jane

Bach and Handel in Hampstead (23/10/16)

2016 Oct 23rd, Sunday St Stephen's Hampstead, Directed from the harpsichord by Steven Devine. Bach Sinfonia to Cantata 209 (solo flute Richard Austen), Handel Concerto Gross Op 3 No 5 and Op 6 No 3, Bach Triple Concerto for Harpsichord, Violin and Flute BWV 1044 (soloists Steven Devine, Ben Samson, Richard Austen), Bach Orchestral Suite No 1 C Maj BWV 1066
A bumper audience enjoyed this lovely programme with some wonderfully virtuoso keyboard playing from Steven in the exciting concerto outer movements framing a sublime slow movement played by just the 3 soloists. Steven's view is that this piece was probably adapted from his father's works by W F Bach rather than by J S Bach himself, such as the stylistic oddities.


Rameau Hippolyte et Aricie (18 & 19/7/16)

2016 July 18th & 19th (Sat & Sun) St John's Church Waterloo, Director Peter Fender, Six Centuries Choir and Chelsea Ballet soloists Andrew Evans, Aurelia Jonvaux, Jon Stainsby, Carola Emrich-Fisher, Franco Kong, Henrietta Bewley, Eleanor Dann, Jenni Harper, Camilla Jepperson, Jeremy Vinogradov. A wonderful opera in concert performance with some fabulous singers, played to enthusiastic audiences on both nights. Poster Programme
Audience Feedback:
"I loved it! Would certainly attend again!" JP,
Adore it. Beautiful sound. Wonderful voices, lovely; so glad I came!Delightful baroque Opera rarely performed sung exquisitly in French. Very evocative and engaging very charming and a charming evening in this church of St Johns that was reclaimed from war bombing so often seen as one emerges from Waterloo, a sight to lift
the heart just as this engaging evening did.Linden Baroque are one to seek out." CN,
"A rare treat & delightful in every way.5/5"FL
"This opera enchanted me and time flew by. I love anything Baroque. I was excited to hear it in French and the cheap ?2 programme
with the text in French and English was most helpful. The orchestra did it proud and the music is still ringing in my ears. It was
amazing to hear a majority of the singers so fluent in French ( a couple of them - Aricie and Thesee especially being either French or
having worked professionally there) and their voices worked wonders. I didn't mind that it was not staged as I could concentrate on
the instruments of the orchestra and some very fine voices. Knowing the play on which the opera was based helped as I didn't have
to refer to the story either.
John Stainsby and Aurelie Jonvaux were absolutely excellent and although I loved the baritone's voice who sang Pluton his French
was unrecognisable.
The dancing was a bit too amateurish for me but I agree that it was there for a purpose ie to transport us back to that period when the
voice, the orchestra and the ballet combined to enchant the audience.
The venue - St Johns Waterloo was new but so easy of access and its refurbishment of interest.
Thank you to Linden Baroque Orchestra for this performance. I will keep an eye on their future shows.4/5

Bach St John Passion (7/5/16)

2016 Saturday May 7th University College School Great Hall, Hampstead with UCSC Choir, Director Simon Walton, leader Theresa Caudle

A Baroque Bouquet with Catherine Martin (6/3/16)

2016 Sunday March 6th St Stephen's Hampstead. Another lovely programme directed from the violin by Catherine Martin, leader of the Gabrieli Players. Most of Bach's harpsichord concertos are thought to be reworking of works for other solo instruments and this beautiful concerto, which is not heard often enough, has been reconstructed for the likely original solo violin. We have a bunch of flutes - three, YES 3!!, in a delightful Suite by JF Fasch, of which Linden gave the first modern performance in 2004. The Telemann Suite for just 2 flutes this time, with orchestra, is a mature masterpiece from Telemann's splendid collection. We finish with the fascinating work for strings by Georg Muffat, a German/French composer of Scottish ancestry, probably a pupil of Lully, whose noble music traverses several national styles. Bach Violin Concerto D min BWV 1052, Fasch Suite for 3 Flutes , Bassoon & Strings , Telemann Suite E min from Tafelmusik for 2 flutes and Strings, Muffat Armonico Tributo No 5

Alfred! by Thomas Arne (15/11/15)

2015 Sunday November 15th 6.30pm St Stephen's, Hampstead. A concert performance of this splendid work directed by Steven Devine with Kate Semmens & Penelope Appleyard (sopranos), Joe Bolger (counter tenor), Sheridan Edward (Tenor) and Dino Mahoney (narrator) performed to a large and warmly appreciative audience. A charming, thrilling and very humorous work which should be much better known. Ending with Rule Brittania it is hugely rousing!

Building Bridges. Concert in Berlin (4/7/16)

2015 July 4th A concert perfomed in Berlin in memory of the late Gertrude Evans, a founder member of Linen Baroque. Performed at the Trinitas Kirche directed by Simon Standage with boys of The Staats and Domchor (celebrating heir 550th birthday) directed by Christian Gossel, we performed Buxtehude's Jesu meine freude and works by Dedekind. The orchestra played Water Music suites by Telemann and Handel, a Handel Concerto Grosso op 6, Purcell Suite from King Arthur, Boyce Symphony No 7. There was a huge audience and the orchestra was given kind hospitality and a special tour. We are vey grateful tor funding from Berlin City and a fund through the Berlin University.
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Vivaldi Gloria in Andover (20/6/15)

2015 June 20th, a concert in Andover with The Harmonium Singers, conductor Bruce Randall. Zelenka - Haec Dies; Telemann:Laudate Jehovah omnes gentes; JS Bach - O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht BWV 118; Clarke/Shore - Music for the King's Trumpeter; Albinoni 2-oboe concerto op 9 no 9; Vivaldi - Gloria.The concert raised £1,250 for St Marys Church, Andover
angel with trumpet

Water Music: Building Bridges (31/1/15)

2015 Jan 31st , St Alfege Church, Greenwich SE10 9BJ - A concert, played to a packed church, held in memory of Gertrude Evans, one of our founder members, who died last year and in support of of MIND, Amnesty International and The Friends of Murambinda Hospital, Zimbabwe.

Venue: St Alfege Church, Greenwich   SE10 9BJ

Maritime Greats! Music from the power-ports (19/10/14)

2014 October 19th St Mark's Hamilton Terrace, NW8 9UT. Catherine Martin directed from the violin a selection of music from London, Hamburg and Venice portraying something of the musical character of these great trading ports. Handel Concerti Grossi Op6 No1 & Op 3 No 4, Albinoni Introductione Seconda , Purcell Suite "The Double Dealer" & Chaconne from "King Arthur " , Geminiani Concerto grosso Op2 No2 , Telemann Suite for 3 oboes, bassoon & strings TWV55:d3

18th Century Musical London (15/6/14)

2014 June 15th . Catherine Martin directed a thrilling concert from her violin. London in the 18th century was the vibrant music capital of Europe, attracting many of the continent's finest musicians, not least Handel. 2014 marked the 300th anniversary of the accession of George l whose arrival saw the start of a great cultural shift marking rapid social and political changes and there were many exhibitions and other events in London. To highlight the context we included two works from the late 17th century by Purcell and Locke. Handel Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 4 & 6 Boyce Symphony No 1 & Trio Sonata No 8 Purcell Chacony Hebden Concerto in 7 parts Op 2 No 2 Locke Incidental music for 'The Tempest' - an extraordinary piece!
Poster Programme

Handel in Italy: Apollo e Dafne (24/11/13)

2013 24th Nov. St Stephen's Hampstead. Dramatic and beautiful music rom Handel's early years in Italy: the cantata Apollo e Dafne and some arias from his hugely successful Venetian opera, Agrippina. Soloists were Kate Semmens and Giles Davies. Maggie Bruce and Nicholas Jackman gave an exciting and meltingly tender account of Telemann's delightful Concerto for Flute & Recorder in E min
directed by Steven Devine

Purcell Dido & Aeneas (22 & 23/6/13)

2013 22nd and 23rd June On two evenings we gave an atmospheric semi staged production to large and enthusiastic audiences in St Stephen's Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead. Directed from the violin by Peter Fender with production by Elsie Grace and expressive modern dance from Genesis Dance Company. Dido was Rebecca Hodgetts, Aeneas Stephen Hawksley, Belinda Jessica Summers, 2nd woman Roseanna Skikun, Sorceress Norma Ritchie, Witches Elaine Hammonds and Sarah Hale and Sailor Christopher Killerby. Additional music to complete Purcell's original schema was recreated by Peter Fender. POSTER PROGRAMME

Bach St John Passion (23/3/13)

2013 Saturday March 23rd 2013 We performed to a full church of St Mary Brookfield in Highgate with the North Camden Chorus conducted by Mark Danza. We had a splendid team of soloists including Anna-Louise Costello, Kate Mapp, Tim Kiddell (Evangelist) and Christopher Wright and we were led by Judy Tarling with Peter Holman and Louise Jameson the wonderful continuo team.

The Angelic sound of the Chalumeau (9/2/13)

2013 Saturday 9th Feb 2013 6.30pm directed by Steven Devine with soloists Jane Booth, Sarah Brown & James Brookmyre St Stephen's Church Pond St Hampstead NW3 2PP . This was an extremely rare chance to hear not just one but 3 chalumeaux and a delightful experience it was ,too, for the packed audience to hear these beguiling instruments so expertly played. A real treat! The programme included:
J F Fasch Chalumeau Concerto in B flat FWV L:B1 soloist Jane Booth.
G P Telemann Concerto for Two Chalumeaux TWV 52:d1 soloists Jane Booth & Sarah Smith.
C Graupner Suite (Overture) No 38 for Three Chalumeaux & strings soloists Jane Booth & Sarah Smith & James Brookmyre.
J F Fasch Suite in D minor for 2 oboes, bassoon & strings FWV K:D4,
G F Handel Concerto Grosso op. 3 no. 4 in F

Young Mozart, the London Bach & the Castrato (21/10/12)

2012 Sunday October 21st 6.30 St Stephen's Church, Hampstead directed by Steven Devine featuring Philip Jones counter-tenor
A fascinating and scintillating programme - devised by the well-known musicologist, Peter Holman- of music composed for the Castrato Tenducci exploring his relationship with JC Bach who, in turn, was revered by the young Mozart.
The programme was We played to an enthusiastic full house in the beautiful restored church of St Stephen's.

JC Bach
Overture to Gioas (1770), Accompagnato & ‘Sventurati! In van mi lagno’ from Gioas, Act II
JC Bach Concerto in D, op. 1, no. 6 (1763) harpsichord & strings in 3 movements, the last, Variations on ‘God save the King’ (soloist Steven Devine)
Giordani Queen Mary’s Lamentation
Gluck ‘Che faro’ from Orfeo ed Euridice
JC Bach Symphony in D, op. 18 no. 4 Allegro con spirito – Andante – Rondo: Presto
JC Bach Symphony in E major for Double Orchestra, op. 18, no. 5 Allegro – Andante- Tempo di Minuetto
Arne ‘A thousand racking woes’ and ‘O too lovely’ from Artaxerxes (1762)
JC Bach ‘Farewell to Lochaber’ (from Four Scotch Songs)
Mozart Symphony No 1 E flat maj K16 Molto allegro – Andante- Presto

Water Music - storms & the sea in 18th c. music (17/6/12)

2012 Sun 17th June 6.30pm St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington, directed from the violin by Peter Fender
Handel Water Music Suite no3 in G maj, Vivaldi Concerto 'La Tempesta di Mare op8 no5, Rebel 'Les Elemens', Locke 'The Tempest' Telemann 'Water Music' Suite

Bach Easter Oratorio (21/4/12)

2012 Sat 21st April 7.30 Holy Trinity, Sloane Square, London with Pegasus directed by Mathew Alton
A full house in this wonderful church enjoyed an exciting concert featuring
JS Bach's Easter Oratorio BWV 249, 'Singet den Herrn' both the Cantata (BWV 190) and Motet (BWV 225), Orchestral Suite No 1 (BWV 1066)

The Virtuoso in Italy (21/2/12)

2012 Sun Feb 21st 6.30pm St James's Church, West Hampstead
Directed from the organ by
Steven Devine
Vivaldi Sinfonia and Overture (Part 2) avanti 'la Sena Festeggiante' RV 693, Overture 'Lincoronazione di Dario', 'Nulla in Mundo Pax' (with Kate Semmens, Soprano)
Corelli Concerto Grosso No 8 'Fatto per la note di natale', Geminiani Concerto Grosso Op2 no2, Handel Organ Concerto Organ Concerto Op4 No4 (soloist Steven Devine), Torelli Concerto 'Alla Francese'

Passionate Harmony: Vivaldi’s L’Estro armonico (21/5/11)

2011 Sat 21 May 6.30pm at St James' Church, West Hampstead, Passionate Harmony: The European Vogue for Vivaldi’s L’Estro armonico
This typically delightful programme was devised and directed by the well loved musicologist, Peter Holman and explored the influence of Vivaldi that swept across Europe and comprised concerti for various combinations of wind and strings by Vivaldi, Telemann, Bach, de Fesch and Corrette.

Mozart Coronation Mass (13/11/10)

2010 November 13th at Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square, SW1 at 7.30pm. With Thomas's Choral Society in a performance of Mozart's Coronation Mass, 'Pergolesi's' (Durante) Magnificat, Pergolesi's 'Salve Regina', Mozart 'Laudate Dominum' Mozart 'Ave Verum Corpus'.

The Dresden Court (10/10/10)

2010 Sunday 10th October and included no less that five first modern performances of music associated with the radical Dresden court and included newly unearthed music by J. C. Schmidt: Ouverture in G, J. G. Pisendel: Concerto in D for violin, oboes, bassoon, strings & continuo, J. F. Fasch: Sinfonia in F for wind, horns and strings, J. F. Fasch: Ouverture in D, J. C. Pez: Suite in D minor, Ristori: Sinfonia in F

Bach B minor Mass (20/3/10)

2010 Saturday March 20th 2010, 7.30pm: Bach B Minor Mass with Brighton Chamber Choir conducted by Jane Money to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, at the fine Church of St Michael and All Angels

Happy 300th Birthday, Thomas Arne (7/2/10)

2010 7th February 6.30pm St Marys (New) Church, Stoke Newington
Directed from the harpsichord by Steven Devine, we were joined by the delightful soprano, Kate Semmens,in a celebration of the 300th birthday of Dr Thomas Arne, one of England's most popular composers. He was a leading light in London's musical life in the mid-eighteenth century and an important composer of music for the London stage. His most famous hit, 'Rule Brittania' appears in his popular opera, 'Alfred'. We played a representative selection of his music to show his sparkling, melodious gifts.
Programme: Harpsichord Concerto in G minor (soloist Steven Devine), Cantatas 'The Morning', 'The Lover's Recantation' and song 'Where the Bee Sucks', soloist Kate Semmens, Symphony G Min, Overture 'Alfred'.

Handel & Purcell - Harmonium Singers, Andover (4/7/09)

2009 Saturday July 4th 7.30pm St Mary’s Parish Church, Andover, Hampshire.
With 'The Harmonium Singers', Conductor Bruce Randall. A capacity audience enjoyed Purcell Come Ye Sons of Art Handel Zadok the priest, Let thy hand be strengthened, The King Shall Rejoice, Concerto Grosso Op.3 No.4, Ombra mai fu, My Heart is Inditing.

Bach & Telemann with Catherine Martin (6/6/09)

2009 Saturday June 6th at 8pm St Marys (New) Church, Stoke Newington Church St, London N16. We were directed from the violin by that most stylish and exciting of violinists, Catherine Martin, member of the Salomon Quartet and leader of the Gabrieli Consort, among many others.
Bach Violin Concerto in A min, Orchestral Suite No 1, Telemann Violin Concerto in A min, Boyce Symphony No 1, Fasch Sinfonia No 5 B flat maj

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (1/3/09)

2009 Sunday March 1st 09 6.30pm St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington Church St, N16 9ES, director Steven Devine, a concert of brilliant and lush French opera-ballet music using typical orchestral balance of the period to recreate that extraordinary sound-world: Lully Suite: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Entrée des Zephyrs (from Atys), L'Echo (from La Grotte de Versailles), Chaconne (from Roland), Charpentier Suite: David et Jonathas, and an interesting piece of musical 'Franglais', a contemporary arrangement for French audiences of Abdelazar or The Moor’s Revenge by Purcell translated to 'La Musique d'Abdeluzor'.

The 250th Anniversary of the death of JF Fasch (18/10/08)

Sunday October 19th 08 at 6pm St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington Church St, N16 9ES, director Steven Devine, commemorating 250th anniversary of the death of J F Fasch: Music by Fasch and his friends and colleagues.
J F Fasch Orchestral Suites in E min & D min, Concerto in D min, J D Heinichen Sonata in B flat for 2 oboes, bassoon and continuo, G P Telemann Trio No. 10 in D Maj for Violin, Viola and Continuo, C Graupner Entrata in G min GWV 468 for strings & continuo

Coronation Anthems in Suffolk (25/8/08)

Bank Holiday Monday August 25th 08 at 7.30pm , at St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh, with Essex Baroque Orchestra as part of the Suffolk Villages Festival Coronation Anthems from James II to George III conductor Peter Holman Anonymous: Flourish for Trumpets, John Blow: God spake sometime in visions, William Croft: The Lord is a sun and shield, Henry Purcell: My heart is inditing, Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem, George Frideric Handel: Let thy hand be strengthened & Overture from The Occasional Oratorio, Zadok the priest. William Boyce: Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire & The King shall rejoice.

The pleasures of the Spring Gardens (13 and 14/7/08)

July 13th 08 at 6.30pm St Alfege Church, Greenwich and repeated on July 14th at The Museum of Garden History, Lambeth.
'The pleasures of The Spring Gardens': a wonderful programme of delicious music from 18th century Vauxhall Gardens devised and directed by one of the foremost experts on this repertoire, Peter Holman and starring soprano Philippa Hyde and cellist Louise Jameson.
Boyce: Overture The Chaplet & Symphony no.3, Arne: Cantata 'The Morning', ‘What tho’ his guilt’ from The Desert Island,Overture no. 1 in E minor / major,Cantata ‘The Lover’s Recantation’, Handel: Grand Concerto no. 2 in F major, Hornpipe in D for the Concert at Vauxhall, Boyce: The Pleasures of Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, Hook: The Lass of Richmond Hill, Giacobbe Bassevi Cervetto: Concerto in G major for Cello and strings, Dibdin: The Matron’s Recitative & Air from The Ephesian Matron & 'Poor Tom, or The Sailor’s Epitaph'

Bach St John Passion, Peterborough Cathedral (14/3/08)

March 14th 08 at Peterborough Cathedral Peter Davis conductor with Judy Tarling leader and Oakham School Choir. Bach St John Passion. The lively and fresh school choir and talented soloists, mostly from within their ranks, contributed to an exciting performance in an inspirational setting.

Music from London's Restoration Stage (2/3/08)

Sunday March 2nd 2008 at 6pm. Steven Devine directed a concert of Music from the London stage in the time of The Restoration performed at St Alfege, Greenwich. It included fine and stirring music from Purcell's The Faerie Queen, King Arthur and Dioclesian, Louis Grabu's Albion and Albanius and John Blow's Venus and Adonis. We were joined by Kate Semmens (soprano), Giles Davies (Baritone), Seb Harris (alto), and Greg Tassell. The concert was warmly received and was reviewed by Peter Grahame Woolf, Editor of 'Musical Pointers' Musical Pointers.

Bach B min Mass with Woking Choral Society (8/12/07)

December 8th 2007 Woking Choral Society conductor Nick Steinitz Bach B min Mass a large audience at the rather unpleasant multi-use 'HG Wells Centre' in Woking and some fine soloists helped to give a dynamic performance of this great work.

Italian vocal and instrumental music (28/10/07)

Sunday October 28th 2007 at 3pm. The programme was of luscious and brilliant Italian vocal and instrumental music by Vivaldi, Monteverdi (Prologue from L'Orfeo), Stradella, Albinoni and Geminiani. We were delighted to welcome back Catherine Martin who played 'Summer' and 'Autumn' from 'The Four Seasons'and soprano Andrea Brown who sang Vivaldi's 'Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera' and works by Stradella and Monteverdi.

Handel Opera Matinee (17/6/07)

Sunday June 17th 2007 4pm at St Alfege Church, Greenwich, a Handel Opera Matinee: Steven Devine directed an exciting cast of young singers, including Kate Semmens, Rachel Lindop (both of whom have performed with Linden previously) and Joanne Edworthy, for a programme of thrilling arias, duets and trios picked from some of Handel's finest operas. The programme included selections from Xerxes, Orlando, Rinaldo, Silla, The Alchemist & Concerto Grosso op6 no7.

21st Birthday Concert @ St John's Smith Square (14/10/06)

On October 14th 2006 we held, in front of a vey large and enthusisastic audience, our splendid 21st Birthday Concert at St John's Smith Square, featuring "The Three Directors": Paul Goodwin, Steven Devine and Walter Reiter
and Linda Perillo soprano The programme included
Handel Musick for the Royal Fireworks, complete with giant confetti canons (fireworks sadly prohibited from use in St John's!),J. S. Bach Cantata No.209 Non sa che sia dolore soloist Linda Perillo Stanley Harpsichord Concerto in C minor op.10 no.4 soloist Steven Devine, Telemann Water Music Suite, and Albinoni Introdutione Seconda
A selection from our CD was played on BBC Radio 3 the following week.

2003- 2006

July 2006 We played once again for the Handel House Singers directed by Lawrence Cummings at a Choral Study Day and gave a performance of Handel's Alexander's Feast in The Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair.

Sunday May 7th 2006 6pm: Handel's Apollo e Dafne with vocal soloists Kate Semmens and Giles Davies. Also Pepusch Overture to Beggar's Opera, John Stanley Harpsichord Concerto in C major Op 10 No. 6, Albinoni Introdutione Seconda, Avison Concerto Op 9 No 8 - a most attractive, varied and enjoyable concert. Director and Harpsichordist Steven Devine. At St Alfege Church, Greenwich

April 8th 2006 Bach St Matthew Passion with Woking & Godalming Choral Societies at Guildford Cathedral conductor Nicholas Steinitz.
This was
Woking Choral Society's 109th year! The concert was a joint production with Godalming Choral Society. Guildford Cathedral was packed for the thrilling performance.

Saturday December 3rd 2005 We were directed for the first time by the famous baroque cellist, David Watkin in St Alfege, Greenwich. This exciting concert featured bass soloist Samuel Evans in Bach's Cantata 82 'Ich habe genug' and Orchestral Suite No. 1 and extracts from Handel's 'Hercules', his Italian Cantata 'Cuopre tal volto il cielo' and Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 10.

Linden Baroque performed at a
choral study day on July 10th 2005 looking at Handel's L'Allegro e Pensoro e Moderato in association with the Handel House Museum and the Foundling Hospital Museum Trust directed by Lawrence Cummings. An informal concert took place at the end of the day at the Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair.

May 14th 2005, directed by Steven Devine was a concert of some splendidly English music: Boyce: Overture to Solomon, Handel: 3 Arias from Hercules & Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 1 , Festing: Concerto Op. 3 No. 1, Stanley: Concerto in 7 Parts No. 4 We were delighted to welcome back to sing with us, the wonderful Mezzo Soprano, Rachel Lindop. The venue was St Alfege's Church, Greenwich.

On Palm Sunday,
March 20th 2005, we performed Bach's St John Passion for the Haileybury School Choir in Hertfordshire at Haileybury Chapel which is just outside Hertford. The School website shows the impressive and beautiful campus and fascinating history.

February 26th 2005 at St Alfege, Steven Devine directed a delightful programme of instrumental music from French opera-ballets including Rameau's 'Les Boréades' and 'Les Fêtes d'Hébé', Charpentier's 'Médée' and a suite from Purcell's semi-opera 'Dioclesian' arranged by Roger.

December 5th 2004 Linden was directed from the violin by Catherine Martin, warmly appreciated by a good audience at St Alfege's. We associated once more by with the Medical Foundation for Care of the Victims of Torture and raised a good sum for them. Catherine gave a thrilling account of Bach's A minor Violin Concerto and the rest of the programme comprised Corelli's Christmas Concerto, Handel Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 3, Telemann Concerto in D major for 4 violins and Suite for 2 oboes, & strings from ‘Tafelmusik’

Oct 04 2004 we played a concert at St Alfege's directed by Peter Holman and was a very exciting affair with Peter's usual fascinating type of programme of early Handel and his influences and celebrating the tercentenaries of the deaths of both Biber and Muffat: including Handel: Suite from the operas ‘Florindo’ and ‘Daphne’ , Antonio Bertali: Sonata a8 in C major, Georg Muffat : Concerto in G major no. 12 ‘Propitia sydera‘ , Handel: Overture in B flat major from the opera ‘Rodrigo’ HWV5 ,Johann Christian Pez: Sonata in F major for two violins, viola da gamba, five-part strings and continuo, Heinrich Biber: Suite in C major 'Der Nachtwächter' - 'The Nightwatchman' which was performed in costume by Cedric Lee with special effects!

July 17th 2004 we played at a choral study day on Handel's Foundling Anthem at the Foundling Hospital Museum in London. under Lawrence Cummings and on September 18th 2004 some members of Linden played in a celebration at Winkfield, Windsor under David Ward in memory of our late Secretary, Valerie Warner.

The concert on
Saturday May 15th 2004 was directed by Linden's new Musical Director, the dynamic Steven Devine, was held at 8pm in St Alfege's Church, Greenwich. It was very well (and enthusiastically) attended in the presence of the Lady Mayor of Greenwich and organised by the Greenwich & Lewisham branch of The Medical Foundation for the Care of the Victims of Torture.
The concert raised a little over £1000 for this most worthy charity. The organisers were understandable very pleased with the outcome and wrote, "Just to say again how pleased we are that your concert and the evening worked out so brilliantly. Thank you so much for making the Medical Foundation supporter’s inaugural event a really special and uplifting occasion."
The concert entitled “Baroque music to help mend broken minds”, included Concertos by Telemann for 3 Trumpets (with Mike Diprose, Dominic Cotton and Katie Hodges) and for Recorder and Bassoon (with Sue Klein and Maggie Bruce), a Vivaldi Cello Concerto RV 407 (soloist Lynn Selwood), the first public performance in modern times of a Suite by Fasch for 3 flutes and orchestra (with Rachel Latham, William Summers and Nicholas Jackman) and one of our favourites, Telemann's colourful Water Music Suite - particularly apt for nautical Greenwich!

March 25th 2004 we played Bach's Bmin Mass with Vox Chordis, conductor Charles Grace, in St Luke's Church, Sydney St, Chelsea

Feb 14th 2004 With Finchley Chamber Choir ( conducted by David Lardi on in Trinity Church, (North Finchley) was yet another great success, in celebration of the choir's 25 year history. The programme was Vivaldi Gloria, Handel Dixit Dominus, Bach Cantata 140

Saturday Jan 31st 2004 With Rachel Lindop mezzo directed by Steven Devine in St Alfege's Church, Greenwich, .
The programme was
Vivaldi: Concerto ‘Alla Rustica’, Bach: Harpsichord Concerto in D minor, Handel: Cantata ‘Tra le fiamme’, Handel: Cantata ‘La Lucrezzia Corelli: Concerto Grosso op6 no2, Handel: Concerto Grosso Op 3 No 1

Saturday May 10th 2003 With Finchley Chamber Choir ( conducted by David Lardi on in Trinity Church, (North Finchley).
The programme was
Bach's B minor Mass

Saturday 22nd March 2003 a concert was held in association with Croydon Bach Choir. Venue: St. John's Church, Upper Norwood, Sylvan Rd/Auckland Rd, London SE19. The programme was: Bach B minor Mass

Saturday 25th January 2003 we held the following concert at St Alfege Church, Greenwich: Albinoni Sonata in D major Vivaldi Concerto in E major, 'Spring' from 'The Four Seasons' Telemann Quartet No 3 in A major for 2 flutes, 2 bassoons and continuo Vivaldi Bassoon Concerto in A minor
Johann Ernst von Saxon-Weimar Concerto Grosso in B flat major J.S. Bach Harpsichord Concerto in B flat major, BWV982 Telemann Quartet No 2 in E minor for 2 flutes, 2 bassoons and continuo Johann Ernst von Saxon-Weimar Concerto Grosso i n G minor J.S. Bach Orchestral Suite in B minor Solo Performers: Apollo & Pan': Tassilo Erhardt violin Sally Holman bassoon Steven Devine harpsichord